Read about who we are, the dedicated leaders from around Houston ISD who make up the Secondary Numeracy Specialists .

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Arana, Clementine
Baker, Ayanna
Beatty, Bobby
Bigelow, Susan
Brevard, Brandi
Chang, Mick
Chue, Loretta
Colton, Jacqueline
Conerly, Torrey
Cushenberry, Katrina
de Dios, Gnelida
Dillard, Melvia
Earnest, Surnetra
Fickell, Leah
Gentry, Tannisha
Judge, Michael
Lee, Lillian
Lifsey, Carmelita
Ligon, Irene
Mascheck, Jennifer
Nelson, Dr. Mayen
Price, Angela
Ruiz, Ruth
Smith, Beverly
Williams, CeliaJoy